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Our Community

We’re business-owners and executives. We come from the UK and 20+ countries and run businesses across 50+ industries. Cape 66° provides us with a quality environment in which supporting one another is rewarding and time-efficient.

Meet one of our UK founding members. Simon’s powerful message embodies the philosophy behind Cape 66°.

Our community is founded on the principle of paying it forward.  So from day 1 in Cape 66°, a member has access to the support of the entire community. We (1) support one another with the challenges of business, (2) develop meaningful relationships, and (3) foster goodwill within a serious and helpful community. We are a community of peers and not a group of prospects. 

We interact via the Cape 66° platform which makes our interaction rewarding and timeefficient . The Cape 66° team also gets to know every single member personally which maintains the integrity of the community, and allows for personally directing member requests to fellow members best able to assist.

Meet the Cape 66° Global Industry Presidents

Alexander (Alec) Hay – Founder Southern Harbour

Alec read civil engineering at the University of Edinburgh followed by a 25-year career in the Royal Engineers, specialising in infrastructure development and fortifications. He is the founder of Southern Harbour, an infrastructure systems risk, resilience and protection consultancy based in Toronto, Canada, and operating in North America, Middle East and Baltic. He is, since 2010, an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure where he investigates post-conflict rehabilitation and development, and teaches the next generation of infrastructure engineers.

Ellie Dailey – Co-founder Intro 30

Ellie studied English Literature at Durham before starting a career in global recruitment. Ellie’s 15 year career in global recruitment  has taken her from the Investment Banking world in London to the Sovereign Wealth Funds of Dubai & the Middle East to the Finance & Tech worlds in Singapore & South East Asia, and eventually to Silicon Valley where she co-founded Intro 30 – a recruiting platform that offers candidates the chance to introduce themselves in 30 seconds. Ellie brings a wealth of experience to our community and supports fellow members in a variety of areas with a particular focus on recruitment and human resource management.

A word from Ellie

“I am a big proponent of the Cape 66° concept and I’m currently working closely with one of the fellow members Nik Plevan, who I met on Cape 66° and together we are creating a new game-changing recruitment platform. I am hugely grateful to Mans for the vision and co-operative spirit that underpins the platform.”

Charlie Stewart – Co-founder & CEO Rogerwilco

Charlie studied Theology and Philosophy at St Andrews. He started his career in media relations in London before moving to South Africa in the early 2000s. In 2008, Charlie co-founded Rogerwilco, an award winning performance marketing agency which has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London and Geneva. He co-authored a book on business to business marketing which was published by Penguin Random House in 2016 and is a regular contributor to some of the world’s leading marketing publications. Charlie brings a wealth of experience to Cape 66° and supports fellow business-owners in a variety of areas, with a focus on strategy and high impact results oriented marketing.

Owen Brown – Co-founder DAVO Technologies

Owen studied economics at Wharton and LSE and had a 20+ year career in investment management. In 2011, Owen co-founded DAVO Technologies which provides a suite of products which solve the cash management problems associated with running a small to mid-sized business. DAVO’s flagship product ‘DAVO Sales Tax’ automatically collects sales tax daily and files and pays for the merchant. Owen brings a wealth of experience to Cape 66° and supports fellow business-owners in a variety of areas with a particular focus on starting and scaling a SaaS company from scratch.

Mans A.K. Mansour – Founder Cape 66°

Mans studied Marketing Management at Lancaster and started his career at an outdoor media-owner in London, which was followed by a brief stint at OMD in Dubai. He returned to London in 2010, which marked the beginning of a journey at the coal face of entrepreneurship. In 2016, he sold his shareholding in ‘The Clear Idea’ to found Cape 66°.

Mans has a deep interest in entrepreneurial persistence and the long-term organic survival of an entrepreneur. Alongside Cape 66°, he works on developing and refining practical action principles which guide the persistence of entrepreneurs.

How Cape 66° Works

1. Access a wealth of experience, and share yours

Our core interaction is focused on helping one another with the challenges of business. So no news/fake news, no self-promotion, no Ads, & no clutter.

The Cape 66° team gets to know every member personally and personally directs our requests to the fellow members best able to help.

Helping one another is also how we build relationships…

2. Meaningful connections

Valuable relationships are built on goodwill. Every time you give or receive advice or a supplier recommendation, you will gain a connection with a fellow Cape 66° member. 

Our platform makes it easy to build meaningful connections with fellow members, and leverages your goodwill to credibly raise awareness of your business…

3. We celebrate helpfulness

Upon joining us, we will introduce you and your business to all fellow members.


Every time you help a fellow member, your business will be automatically endorsed to the entire community.

4. Credible awareness

We raise awareness of the businesses of members in every sector and geography, and facilitate organic opportunities for new business through the personal recommendations of fellow members.


Cape 66° membership is by application

We speak with all prospective members via video conference ahead of providing access keys to Cape 66°. This gives us the opportunity to know all our members personally and allows us to maintain the integrity of the community.

Cape 66° is supported by its members and Industry Presidents

We do NOT sell any advertising or data.  Supporting members and preserving the quality of the Cape 66° community is our focus. 

We’re business-owners and executives who value integrity, goodwill, and the counsel of experience. The Cape 66° platform provides us with a quality environment in which supporting one another is rewarding and time-efficient.

I and the Cape 66° team also get to know all members personally, and we personally direct every single member request to the fellow members best able to assist with a particular question or business challenge.

Mans – A.K. Mansour | Founder Cape 66°


How do I apply?

Please submit this brief form.


What happens after I apply? We will arrange a video conference to get to know you and answer any questions you might have.


When do I receive my ‘access key’? After the call, prospective members who share the spirit of our community will be provided with a key to join Cape 66°.


Why do you get to know members personally? It allows us to maintain the integrity of Cape 66°, and enables our community curator to provide additional support to member requests by highlighting them to fellow members who we know can help.

Cape 66° ?

Every year, emperor penguins embark on a nearly impossible journey to bring life into the world. Whilst other creatures head north to evade the harsh Antarctic winter, emperor penguins head deep into it. In the harshest place on earth, every emperor pursues a perilous personal journey but they survive by sticking together.

Emperor penguins live in Antarctic colonies between latitudes 66° and 77° south and in many ways these impressive creatures are not so different from some entrepreneurs. In Cape 66°, we’re business-owners who pay it forward. We support fellow entrepreneurs on their journeys.