We’re a community of equestrians and business-owners. Cape 66° provides a quality environment in which supporting one another is rewarding and time-efficient.

How Cape 66° Works

Access a wealth of experience, and share yours

Our core interaction is focused on supporting one another’s progress. We use our private platform to seek/provide relevant expertise on equestrian and business matters. The Cape 66° team gets to know every member personally and personally directs our requests to the fellow members best able to help on  a particular issue.

Helping one another is also how we build relationships…

Genuine connections

Valuable relationships are built on goodwill. Every time you share your experience or receive support, you will gain a connection with a fellow Cape 66° member. 

Our platform makes it easy to build meaningful connections, and leverages your goodwill to credibly raise awareness of your profile.

We celebrate helpfulness

Upon joining us, we will introduce you (and any business you might have) to all fellow members.


Every time you help a fellow member, you will be automatically endorsed to the entire community.


Cape 66° membership is by application

We speak with all prospective members via video conference ahead of providing access keys to Cape 66°. This gives us the opportunity to know all our members personally and allows us to maintain the integrity of the community.

Cape 66° is a club supported by its members

Our membership fee is £60 a month – cancellable at any time. We do NOT sell any advertising or data.


We’re equestrians and business-owners who value integrity, goodwill, and the counsel of experience. Cape 66° provides us with a quality environment in which supporting one another is rewarding and time-efficient. We access the support we need, and help when we can. Along the way, we build valuable connections and foster lasting goodwill.


Mans A.K. Mansour

Founder Gouna Riders & Cape 66°



How do I apply?

Please submit this brief form.

Why do you get to know members personally? It allows us to maintain the integrity of Cape 66°, and enables our community curator to provide additional support to member requests by highlighting them to fellow members who we know can help.

What happens after I apply? We will arrange a video conference to get to know you and answer any questions you might have.
When do I receive my ‘access key’? After the call, prospective members who share the spirit of our community will be provided with a key to join Cape 66°.