How Cape 66° Works

1. We share our expertise

We use our private platform to support one another on professional, business, & equestrian matters.

Cape 66° provides a quality envionment in which our our interaction is rewarding & time-efficient. The Cape 66° team also gets to know every member personally and personally directs our requests to the fellow members best able to help on a particular issue.

Helping one another is also how we build relationships…

2. Develop Quality Relationships

Valuable relationships are built on goodwill. Every time you share your experience or receive support, you will gain a connection with a fellow Cape 66° member. 

Our platform makes it easy to build meaningful connections, and leverages your goodwill to credibly raise awareness of your professional expertise or business.

3. Foster goodwill

Upon joining us, we will introduce you to all fellow members.


Every time you help a fellow member, your profile will be automatically endorsed to the entire community.

Giving without expectation of reward is not for everyone; those willing to share another’s burden require a degree of self-awareness and humility that is not as common as one might expect. In fact, offering assistance to others is both educational and professionally rewarding because it requires us to consider what we know from a different perspective and in a fresh context. Our humility in being willing to understand someone else’s perspective and adapting our own expertise and knowledge to help answer questions is the very essence of ethical professional practice. To do so without the expectation of return is the grist of community.

Cape 66° is quite simply a genuine professional community, diverse and dispersed. I have had the opportunity to respond on six occasions. Though I have not yet needed to ask my own question, I feel that I have benefitted significantly from each interaction and built new professional relationshiops in a couple of instances. Cape 66° is so much more than paying forward; it speaks to the essence of professionalism at a time when the professions themselves are being forced to change by technology and social expectation.”  Alec Hay | Southern Harbour



Cape 66° membership is by application

We get to know all our members personally via video conference; coupling an indispensable human touch with the convenience and time-efficiency which our tech platform provides.

Cape 66° is a club supported by its members

Our operational costs are supported by the voluntary contributions of members.



We’re a community which values integrity, goodwill, and the counsel of experience. Cape 66° provides us with a quality environment in which supporting one another is rewarding and time-efficient. We access the support we need, help when we can, and develop invaluable relationships along the way.


Mans A.K. Mansour

Founder Cape 66°



How do I apply?

Please submit this brief form.

Why do you get to know members personally? It allows us to maintain the integrity of Cape 66°, and enables our community curator to provide additional support to member requests by highlighting them to fellow members who we know can help.

What happens after I apply? We will arrange a video conference to get to know you and answer any questions you might have.
When do I receive my ‘access key’? After the call, prospective members who share the spirit of our community will be provided with a key to join Cape 66°.