Our community is built around the knowledge of World-class Equestrian Professionals

1. We Support One-another

We value goodwill and the counsel of experience, relate to and advise one another, and build quality equestrian, professional, and business, relationships.

We get to know every member personally and interact via our private Cape 66° platform which provides a quality environment in which our interaction is rewarding & time efficient.

2. We Develop Quality Relationships

Valuable relationships are built on goodwill. Every time you share your experience or receive support, you will gain a connection with a fellow Cape 66° member.


Upon joining us, we will introduce you to all fellow members.

3. Helpfulness is Rewarding

Every time you help with a question of a fellow member, your profile will be automatically endorsed to the entire community.

Our platform leverages your goodwill to credibly raise awareness of your profile and professional expertise/business.

Cape 66° is founded on the principle of paying it forward. The more we help fellow members, the harder Cape 66° works to support us.

4. Cape 66° Lounge & Seminars

In addition to interacting via the Cape 66° platform, we get together fortnightly over an online video call.

A combination of seminars led by experts on various Equestrian topics, and open lounge discussions; the calls are also excellent for building quality relationships with fellow members, and enable us to put our heads together to address any equestrian, professional, or business matters members whish to discuss.


We’re an international peer-support community built around the knowledge of World-class Equestrian Professionals. Cape 66° brings together coaches, veterinarians, course-designer, riders, and judges. Brought together by the love of horses, our crafts, and professions; we support one another and build invaluable equestrian, professional, and business relationships. Our members currently come from the UK, US, Italy, Portugal, France, Egypt, and the UAE.

We get to know all members personally and look forward to getting to know you – Apply to join us.

Membership Fee

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and community presidents, our membership fee is only £6 a month – cancellable at any time.

A peak into Cape 66°


How do I apply?

Please submit this brief form.


What happens after I apply? We will contact you to get to know you personally, answer any questions you might have, and and provide you with your Access Key.


Why do you get to know members personally? It allows us to maintain the integrity of Cape 66°, and enables our community curator to provide additional support to member requests by highlighting them to fellow members who we know can help.